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Tim Dalton, Head Teacher of Mathematics, Marrickville High


Don’t let any of your Maths budget disappear into a consolidated revenue black hole in 2019.

Take advantage of big discounts for new subscribers and see why SmarterMaths is the fastest growing senior high school maths program with a resubscription rate over 96%!

Our super flexible payment options offer the following:

  • Pay all, some or none of your subscription in 2019. Any balance can be covered in 2020.
  • Bonus Offer: Get 25% extra value for first time subscribers (receive 5 terms for the price of 4).

Important information about 2020 VCE courses

  • All past VCE questions that remain examinable in the current courses have been recategorised into their correct sub-topics as laid out by the current syllabus structure.
  • Supplementary questions (including high quality examples cherry-picked from other state exams and resources) will be consistently updated to further enhance topic databases.
  • Our heavily used “Targeted Worksheets” will be updated shortly to include the 2019 final exams and an “Analysis” feature will gradually be incorporated into the program for every sub-topic in the coming months.

Purchasing SmarterMaths is great value for money at anytime, but purchasing with our VCE bonus discount drives your precious budget dollars even further.

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