Who is SmarterMaths?

  • We’re M2 Mathematics Pty Ltd, an Australian company based in Newcastle NSW, that develops SmarterEd.com.au, SmarterMaths.com.au, and explore.smartermaths.com.au.

What do you do?

  • We love education, mathematics and science!  We also believe that they can provide great opportunities in life for anyone who applies themselves, so we focus on providing high quality practical tools, underpinned with advanced technology, for both teachers and students to support and encourage those opportunities.

How can I contact you?

What’s your background?

  • Our team has a huge depth of experience, both in theory and practice. Several of our team have spent decades applying our maths and science skills working in financial institutions around the world, and our degrees in Masters of Teaching (Secondary), Economics, Law, Computer Science, etc. are especially useful when developing quality content that communicates efficiently and effectively.

I logged in as a trial user, and some of the topics are greyed out, and some I can select.  Can a full user see everything?

  • Absolutely!  A trial user only has access to some of the content, but as a full subscriber you will have access to every question in every topic.  In addition, as a full subscriber, the worksheets are branded for your school, and the subscription includes unlimited access for the year for all teachers in your faculty.

What does the cost cover?  Is it a one-off purchase, or a subscription?

  • The cost is for a full 12 months from your date of purchase.  It includes unlimited usage for all faculty at your school, and expires at the end of the 12 months.
  • There’s no lock-in or contract beyond a single 12 month subscription – having said that, every year gets the newest (most recent) HSC / VCE questions, along with additional supplementary questions that we research and add to the system on an ongoing basis, so you very well may want to stay for subsequent years!  We start adding each years questions as soon as the HSC / VCE for that year is over, so before school starts again the following year, we’ve got the new questions in the system, quality checked, and with full worked solutions.

If I give you my NAPLAN or RAP school data how is it protected?

  • We only use aggregated school data (individual data is never accessed nor requested) and it is well protected and only ever visible to teachers at your school on your worksheets.  Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.