HSC Minimum Standards

(Duration: 2 min 56 sec)

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Everything students and teachers need to succeed with HSC Minimum Standards

Online Adaptive Exams

  • All exams are adaptive
  • Functional equivalence has been prioritised
  • Full content and topic specific tests available
  • Performance and question detail feedback immediately available

Online adaptive practice

  • Students can do untimed adaptive practice exercises
  • Full content and topic specific exercises available
  • Students are fast-tracked to their threshold ability

Automatically generated revision worksheets

  • Exam attempts generate tailored worksheets for revision
  • Generic worksheets targeting optimal difficulty levels also available

"Smarter Maths is fitting the gaps right now, when we most need it. Your work is thorough, trustworthy and reliable. Thank you."

- Tania O'Connor, Soth Grafton High School


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  • Adaptive full content and topic specific online exams
  • Adaptive full content and topic specific online practice
  • Automatically generated tailored revision worksheets

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