2019 HSC Comprehensive Revision Series … update!

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The 2019 HSC Mathematics exams are both charting new territory and saying farewell to some old friends.

As subscribers of past years know well, we put a significant amount of time into creating our “HSC Comprehensive Revision Series” that we recommend motivated students aiming for a Band 5 or 6 result should attempt, carefully review and annotate in Term 3. This is an extensive, carefully chosen, challenging and high quality revision resource for students who are willing to do the work.

  • RELEASE: Week 2, Term 3 (a separate email with links will be sent next week)

Our analysis on each topic, the common question types, past areas of difficulty and recent HSC trends all combine to create an extremely important revision set that ensures students cover a wide cross-section of the key areas we have carefully identified.

Late starters – don’t worry. Our shorter “Final HSC Revision Set” will also be available in early-September in the final stretch before the Standard 2 HSC exam on 25 October, 2019.

IMPORTANT: If students have been exposed to many of the questions in these worksheets during the year, we say great! In sports vernacular, this is where cobwebs are turned into cables through repetition, confidence is built and speed through the paper is developed (an aspect we regard as critical to peak achievement).

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