2021 HSC Revision Series update

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Firstly, thanks for your support of our programs.

The latest COVID lockdown in greater Sydney has thrown a spanner in the works for the class of 2021, and in response we have again decided to release our annual HSC Comprehensive Revision Series early, for interested teachers.

The current release schedule is as follows:

  • Week 3: Standard 2 and Advanced (Stage 1)
  • Week 4: Standard 2 and Advanced (Stage 2 – final)
  • Week 5: Extension 1

As a brief summary, this year’s revision series provides students with around 11-13 hours of cherry-picked past exam questions by topic, to ensure they cover a wide cross-section of the key areas we have identified.

The revision series requires a serious amount of work and we highly recommend that students willing to do the hard yards completing it go the extra distance and turn it into a key exam revision reference … more on this later.

Other Updates

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