2022 HSC Revision Series … all courses now available

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With trial HSC exams coming to an end or well under way, our HSC revision series is now available for the next stage of HSC preparation for any interested students at subscribing schools.

This series is slightly longer than the 2021 version and represents a serious amount of work. It provides around 13-14 hours of cherry-picked past exam questions, by topic, to ensure a student covers a wide cross-section of the key areas we have identified.

This revision resource can be used as a coverage roadmap into the HSC exam for students. We recommend motivated students aiming for a Band 5 or 6 result should attempt, carefully review and annotate what are extensive and challenging revision worksheets.

The 2022 Revision Series is now uploaded in the following courses

  • STANDARD 2 … full series now available
  • ADVANCED … full series now available
  • EXTENSION 1 … full series now available

The 2022 Revision Series can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Access the HSC Comprehensive Revision Series here.

A quick word on the HSC Revision Series structure

Dividing up revision time between topic areas, particularly as we get closer to the HSC exam, is a critical decision for every student.

The most obvious starting point for allocating your revision time is past contributions to HSC exams, and this is a major input into the design of the 2022 HSC Comprehensive Revision Series.

After allocations are initially set, we then tweak around the edges with a number of considerations. For instance, more time is allocated if the content is new or there is a trend/view that a topic has a growing importance. If some concepts are easier and regularly tested, these will definitely be covered but not unnecessarily repeated.

Individual question choice is made carefully with many inputs. We aim to expose students to common question types, regularly tested but not recently examined concepts and relevant “non-familiar” complex examples within a mix of multiple choice and longer answer questions.

Students detours to review the basics of topic areas is best practice before tackling this revision series, particularly in content areas where students are less confident. We do however stress time management in this exercise as the HSC approaches, and to avoid dedicating significant amounts of time in any rabbit hole.

This revision series complements rather than displaces the need for students to complete past HSC papers, in their entirety, in the final stretch before the HSC exam. Students will benefit from any question overlap with this series by promoting speed. Speed through the exam is just so important in our view and if students prioritise finishing their practice exams with 15-20 minutes to spare for reviewing their paper, their exam performance will improve meaningfully.

We hope this revision series is helpful to you and your students.