2022 SmarterMaths – a HSC Teacher Edition update

SmarterMaths is by far the most useful resource out there.
Pamela Stott, Kambala


First of all, thank you for subscribing to our programs in 2021. It has been an incredibly difficult year for teachers and we hope our programs have made life a little bit easier.

Program updates for 2022 include the following:

  • All 2021 HSC exam questions are now fully integrated into the program
  • HSC Topic analyses and targeted worksheets will be gradually updated during Term 1
  • HSC Minimum Standards program is available in 2022 – see details here
  • Y7-10 Numeracy Teacher Edition was released in Term 4 2021 and includes adaptive Naplan tests in the structure of the 2021 Naplan online tests plus lots more – see details here

The 2021 HSC exams provide extremely valuable, and often surprising, insights into question styles, particularly for new syllabus content. This information will be used to add high quality questions to the database continually over the course of 2022.

Thanks again for your support.


Matt Burgess