Budget left over? Lock in 2022 pricing for a SmarterMaths subscription

I asked 6 or 7 different Mathematics Coordinators across lots of different schools about new resources. They said “You need to get SmarterMaths”.
Neila Darrough, St Charbel’s College

Dear Sir/Madam,

SmarterMaths programs now cover the following secondary Maths courses

  • VCE Further Maths, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Maths
  • Y7-10 Numeracy

If your faculty budget has funds that are in danger of returning to consolidated revenue, you can now lock in SmarterMaths 2022 numeracy pricing on top of other discounts:


  • New subscribers receive 5 terms for the price of 4 (25% extra value) across all programs
  • Lock in 2022 pricing
  • 2022 pricing will apply to any subscription period from 1-3 years
  • Order now and delay payment until 2023 (on request)


STEP 1: Choose your VCE program or Y7-10 Numeracy program.

STEP 2: Order online here or reply to this email

STEP 3: Your faculty will be set up with full access within 2 hours!

Update on SmarterMaths Y7-10 Numeracy

The uptake of this program across Australian secondary schools has exceeded all expectations and further development of the program has seen the online database grow over 100% in the last six months.

SmarterMaths Numeracy for secondary provides:

  • Numeracy Online
    – Y7-10 online platform for individual student access from home or at school
    – adaptive testing, practice and pre-assessment
    – student report cards available at a click
    – featured NAPLAN assessment zone
Students receive instant feedback after testing and practice
  • Numeracy Teacher Edition (paper resources)
    – utilises our powerful search engine and question database
    – produce professional quality quizzes, tests and worksheets in minutes


Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder

ph (02) 8007 3358