A super-affordable numeracy program … designed for secondary schools

Attention: XXXX

Dear Sir/Madam,

The SmarterMaths’ 2022 Numeracy Package for secondary schools is a brand new program that hits a price point you need to see to believe.

The program features include:


  • Online full content and adaptive exams
  • One click report cards in the Australian Curriculum template
  • Online adaptive practice
  • Revision worksheets generated from test results
  • A featured NAPLAN preparation zone


  • Produce professional quality worksheets, tests and quizzes in minutes
  • Select questions by topic, sub-category and difficulty band
  • Experience the powerful search engine used in 2 out of every 3 high schools in NSW

With online resources from $1.50 per student, paper resources at a fixed cost per stage and great bundle discounts, see our website for details.

Yes please, show me more!


Matt Burgess