Don’t let your 2019 budget disappear! The 2020 SmarterMaths NAPLAN offers 25% extra value

“Incredibly easy to use. Incredibly useful.”
Tim Dalton, Head Teacher of Mathematics, Marrickville High


Don’t let any of your Maths budget disappear into a consolidated revenue black hole in 2019.

Join the hundreds of schools around Australia that ensure their students get the results they deserve. Our program guarantees students get functional equivalence as online NAPLAN testing rolls out across Australia.

SmarterMaths’ super flexible payment options offer the following:

  • Pay all, some or none of your subscription in 2019. Any balance can be covered in 2020.
  • Bonus Offer: Get 25% extra value for first time subscribers (receive 5 terms for the price of 4).
  • Lock in 2019 pricing! Whether you want to pay now or in 2020, immediate access is available once an order is placed.

Important information about 2020 NAPLAN courses

  • ONE PAYMENT of $250 per course. No per student change.
  • Our NAPLAN program includes online adaptive testing for individual students (multiple full content and strand specific tests) and teacher diagnostics to easily identify and target weak areas.
  • The program also includes the SmarterMaths Teacher Edition worksheet program. Super quick and highly effective worksheets editable by topic, difficulty level and duration.
  • Analysis of your past NAPLAN results data can be integrated into your worksheet program … at no extra cost!
  • More adaptive tests and better analytics for online testing in 2020!
  • The latest user management version of NAPLAN online adaptive testing goes live at the start of 2020.

Purchasing SmarterMaths is great value for money at anytime, but purchasing with our NAPLAN bonus discount drives your valuable budget dollars even further.

Take a closer look for free by clicking here.

Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder
ph (03) 9005 6936

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