Don’t let your 2020 budget disappear! Prepay your 2021 SmarterMaths VCE Teacher Edition

“I just wanted to say, your product is awesome.”
Ben Bridges, The King’s School


Our super flexible payment terms can ensure none of your current year’s budget returns to consolidated revenue … and you lock in 2020 pricing!

Pay for all or just some of your 2021 SmarterMaths subscription early. If you want immediate access but invoicing delayed until 2021 – we can do that too.

BONUS OFFER: First time subscribers receive 5 terms for the price of 4, providing 25% extra value.

If you would like to take advantage of any remaining 2020 budget in this way, you can order online here or simply reply to this email and we’ll get an invoice out to you.

What do the SmarterMaths VCE Teacher Edition courses offer?

  • The SmarterMaths VCE Teacher Edition provides a peerless search engine for sorting and accessing past VCAA exam questions.
  • All past VCE questions that remain examinable in the new courses have been recategorised into their correct course and sub-topics as laid out by the new syllabus structure (NHT exams are now included in all course databases).
  • It’s fast … really fast! We save teachers hours of time in preparing high quality resources. Sorting between topics, exams and question difficulty can be done in a few clicks.
  • NEW CONTENT – databases will increased during the year with non-VCAA questions in response to teacher feedback. This growth will be managed by an enhanced search feature which allows VCAA questions to be isolated at a click.
  • Sub-Category Filters have been rolled out across Further Maths and will gradually appear throughout Methods and Specialist Maths. Feedback to date is extremely positive and we expect this new targeted filtering tool to prove super useful for both finding specific questions and analysis.

You can take a closer look by registering for a free trial here.

Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder
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