Don’t let your 2020 budget disappear! Renew your 2021 SmarterMaths early

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought (for HSC revision). It is saving me and my staff so much time, we love it.”
Sean Donohue, Nepean CAPA


Our super flexible payment terms can ensure none of your current year’s budget returns to consolidated revenue … and you lock in 2020 pricing!

Pay for all or some your 2021 SmarterMaths subscription early, if you haven’t already!

To take advantage of any remaining 2020 budget in this way, simply reply to this email and we’ll get an invoice out to you.

Important information about the 2021 HSC Teacher Edition courses

  • All past HSC questions that remain examinable in the new courses have been recategorised into their correct course and sub-topics as laid out by the new syllabus structure.
  • NEW CONTENT (All courses) – question databases grew throughout the year for new syllabus content in all courses, taking direction from NESA sample questions/exams and topic guidance exemplar questions. 2020 HSC exams are already accessible in most courses.
  • Sub-Category Filters have been rolled out across all topics. I have found this highly targeted filtering extremely useful for both finding specific questions and analysis.
  • RAP data can be migrated into all new courses.
  • Our heavily used “Targeted Worksheets” and “Analysis” features will be updated and gradually incorporated into all topics during term 4.

NEW PROGRAM release: HSC Minimum Standards

  • We anticipate the release of this much requested program in Week 6, and it can be included in any current subscription renewal.
  • Our guarantee: If any Minimum Standards subscriber wishes to cancel their subscription after two weeks of full access, they can do so with a full refund – no questions asked.
  • Program Details:
    – available to all students at the one fixed cost
    – program incorporates fully adaptive exams, teacher diagnostics and autogenerated remedial worksheets
    – 12 month subscription @ $350 + GST. Any schools who subscribe to our NAPLAN programs receive a 50% discount for the first year
  • Any subscription timeline to the HSC Minimum Standards program will only begin upon its official release.

Thanks again for subscribing in 2020.

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SmarterMaths Founder
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