Final chance to lock in 2021 pricing for SmarterMaths VCE renewal

“This is the first year I’ve used SmarterMaths and it has made my life so much easier.”
Michelle Haughney, NBCS

Don’t let your 2021 budget disappear!

Dear XXXX,

Many schools request renewal reminders late in Term 4 for “use it or lose it” budget situations that can emerge at any stage during this period (apologies if this is not you).

If you need to use some remaining budget, we can accommodate your needs with a partial or full prepayment of your 2022 SmarterMaths renewal.

Any early renewals attract 2021 pricing.

If this works for your faculty, just reply to this email and we will sort out all the paperwork.


Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder
ph (03) 9005 6936


Some further information on our flagship programs for Victorian High Schools that might be of interest:

2022 HSC Teacher Edition programs

  • All VCE Senior courses now available
    – Further Mathematics
    – Mathematical Methods
    – Specialist Mathematics

NEW RELEASE: SmarterMaths Numeracy (Y7-10)

  • Numeracy Online
    – Y7-10 online platform for individual student access from home or at school
    – adaptive testing, practice and pre-assessment
    – student report cards available at a click
    – featured NAPLAN assessment zone, updated to 2021 exam structure
    – pricing from $1.50 per student
    – learn more here
Students receive instant feedback after testing and practice
  • Numeracy Teacher Edition
    – features our powerful and quick search engine platform