Getting Started with SmarterMaths NAPLAN Online Adaptive Testing

Included free with NAPLAN Teacher Edition

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NAPLAN Diagnostics
How adaptive testing works

Follow the steps below to get setup, or...

Multi-adaptive, simple to use, and included free with your NAPLAN subscription (Y7&9).

60 / 30 minute exams and strand revision with immediate teacher feedback.

Band level results for your entire class in a single lesson.

Administrator Teacher

  • Each school can have one or more administrators that can create other teachers, students, and see aggregated analytics across all students at their school.
  • If the administrator is also a teacher, only one login is required. An administrator’s students will appear on their dashboard in the same way as any other teacher.
  • All users (teachers and students) can be created by the school themselves except for the very first one! To get setup the first time if your school does not already have NAPLAN Online access, simply send an email to requesting NAPLAN Online access and we'll create it for you, typically within the hours and no later than 24 hours.  After that you can create all your other teachers and students yourself in seconds!

Class Teacher

  • Please contact an administrator teacher at your school (often your Head of Mathematics).  They can create your account in their dashboard within seconds and will give you your initial password.


  • Please contact your teacher.  They can create your account in seconds, and will provide you with your initial password.  When you login the first time, you'll be able to take an online exam or strand revision test.

Take an online exam or strand/topic revision