HSC Standard 2 – Networks: An important “pre-holiday” update ..

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A “Teaching Series” email will be sent out at the start of Term 2 on Networks, which will provide a significant amount of information to get the best out of your program in this new topic area.

However, given the end of term is upon us and many teachers work overtime in the holidays to prepare resources, I thought the following might be of interest:

Standard 2 – Networks (update)

Our Networks database continues to be refined. A number of improvements have been made recently in this new topic area, including:

  • Quality content added that tests the Konigsberg Bridge dilemma “concept” (direct usage of “Euler” terminology is avoided by design)
  • Drawing a matrix from a graph and vice versa is a core competency we view as even more important after NESA’s recent release of supplementary questions. This importance is reflected in our database in question styles informed by official topic guidance and sample exam questions.
  • Solutions have been beefed up for students to reference any possible usage of Djikstra’s, Kruskal’s or Prim’s Algorithm in shortest path or minimum spanning tree examples.
  • Where applicable and helpful, past VCE Marker’s Comments and mean marks are included to identify cohort weaknesses.
  • Question concepts and terminology have been adjusted to reflect the latest information officially released and the advice of respected practitioners. This is an ongoing process.
  • Networks sub-topic Analyses to be rolled out in the next week.
  • Networks “Targeted Worksheet” will also be available in the next week.

Other Major Developments due in the Coming Months

  • Standard 1 Teacher Edition – demand has pushed this development to priority #1 with availability expected in the first half of Term 2.
  • HSC Minimum Standards – an online program addressing weaknesses and providing test preparation is under development. Release expected in Term 3.

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