A SmarterMaths heads-up: Latest HSC Std2/Adv syllabus changes

Navigating the New HSC Syllabus

This is a special subscriber update given the most recent mid-November changes announced by NESA.

Our platform enables us to make changes very quickly, and we have adjusted and added a significant number of questions in response to the latest syllabus amendments.

Please note that our “Analyses” feature within sub-topics (currently being updated for Std2 and created for new courses) will clearly identify all changes described below, as well as information such as whether the cohort currently finishing Y11 will be required to know the adjusted content (no word from NESA as yet – we’ll keep you posted).

The question database updates we consider most important are summarised as follows:


  • Formula Rearrange sub-topic now includes non-linear examples.
  • Questions requiring knowledge of metric prefixes of nano-, micro-, mega-, giga- and tera- are currently being added.
  • “Working with Time” database now has examples that require knowledge of the link between time and longitude.
  • All normal distribution questions now use the revised z-score formula.
  • Using sin rule to find an obtuse angle.
  • Capture-recapture examples were always considered fair-game within M7 Rates sub-topic and were represented. This is now confirmed.
  • Financial Maths F5 – Table of interest factors for the PV of an annuity is represented in the database.


  • Table of interest factors for the PV of an annuity is represented in the database. 
  • A further scrub of Calculus C3 Max/Min questions has removed questions modelled on Plane Geometry.

The use of statistical tables to determine probabilities for z-scores stood out as a great way to make questions on the topic much more interesting. We note this is now explicitly mentioned in the Std2 and Adv syllabuses and we are working on questions in this area currently.

We hope this update was informative for the next time you are using our program.

Thanks for subscribing.

Matt Burgess

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