SmarterMaths Introductory Offer Coming Up – Lock in the date

I asked 6 or 7 different Mathematics Coordinators across lots of different schools about new resources. They said “You need to get SmarterMaths”.
Neila Darrough, St Charbel’s College


If your school is thinking about subscribing to SmarterMaths in 2021, your timing is great.

At the start of Term 4, the following offer will be available to all new subscribing schools:

  • VALUE: Get 25% extra value as a new subscriber by receiving an extra term at no extra cost.
  • PAY NOW OR NEXT YEAR: Receive immediate access but pay all, some or none of your subscription in 2020. Any balance can be covered in 2021.

Important information about the 2021 VCE Teacher Edition programs

  • All VCE courses now available: Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics.
  • All past VCE questions that remain examinable in the current syllabases have been recategorised into their correct course and sub-topics.
  • PEERLESS SEARCH ENGINE – the design and speed of the SmarterMaths search engine will save you hours of time.
  • Every teacher has their own login and can access on any browser, at school or from home.
  • Sub-category filters are currently being rolled out into all courses. Teachers can now isolate past VCE questions on a much more granular level than ever before. The instantaneous snapshots of past VCE questions from multiple perspectives, at a click, will provide a valuable teaching tool for many

Faculty budgeting takes preparation. If SmarterMaths is on your school’s resource list for 2021, keep an eye out for this upcoming deal which will provide significantly extra value for money and be available in early Term 4.

Take a closer look for free by clicking here.

Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder
ph (03) 9005 6936

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