Minimum Standards update


Just a quick update about our Minimum Standards program update, as we have been receiving lots of enquiries.

The development of this program is progressing well although we have to push back the release date to early Term 4.

Unforseen delays are part of the territory when developing new platforms, but we’ll continue to press ahead to deliver this program ASAP.

Sub-Category Filters

Our rollout of subcategory filters continues and currently every topic in both Standard 2 and Extension 1 have this new capability fully integrated.

In the process of creating this new search tool, it’s usefulness has been a real eye-opener. While searching for specific questions has naturally become a much quicker process, the big surprise (for me) has been its effectiveness as an analysis tool.

In the limited time I have been using this new feature, I have experiencd regular and meaningful insights into the database. If a school has its RAP data integrated, these new perspectives are even further enhanced.

I look forward to hearing about the innovative ways that teachers will use and exploit the new sub-category filters.

If you want to take a closer look, you can check out the video below or see it live within Std2 and Ext1 programs.


Thanks for subscribing.

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