NAPLAN 2019 … a high quality and very affordable preparation tool

In the lead-up to the 2019 NAPLAN exam, the SmarterMaths NAPLAN program can provide a highly effective and affordable program that ensures your students achieve the results they deserve.

A SmarterMaths NAPLAN program entitles your school to the following:

  • 12+ adaptive online tests for each year (designed with the same “testlet” algorithms that NAPLAN use so that if your students are sitting online exams in 2019, they get functional equivalence in their preparation)
  • teacher diagnostics from student online practice tests that identify and target weaknesses (we’ve created a demo site that shows you exactly what you have full access to, and how to get your students set up in a new streamlined process).
  • a comprehensive worksheet program that allows teachers to filter by topic and difficulty level
  • analysis of your school’s past NAPLAN results and integration into your program at no extra cost
  • we don’t charge per student, making our program the standout value for money program in the market

By purchasing now, your school can prepare for both the 2019 NAPLAN and the 2020 NAPLAN (where roll-out of the online testing is expected to be Australia-wide) for a single year’s subscription price of $250 per course.

Any orders can be made by simply replying to this email or on our website.

Thanks and regards,

Matt Burgess
SmarterMaths Founder
ph (02) 8007 3358

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