New HSC EXT2 Course .. now available!

The SmarterMaths Extension 2 HSC Teacher Edition for 2020 is now available.


  • All current Ext2 subscribers will receive full access to the new course at no extra cost.
  • The EXT2 question database will continue to grow and be refined during the coming months, reflecting the best information available on each sub-topic.
  • New content areas will receive a complete supplementary database of high quality questions.
  • The popular SmarterMaths features of RAP integration, targeted worksheets, difficulty icons, marker’s comments and timed worksheets are all available in the new course.

After closely studying the new Ext2 syllabus, we have carefully considered all past HSC questions and recategorised those which remain valid into the new course. This process will continue to be refined as more information becomes available from NESA and subject experts.

We hope this initial release will be helpful to those who are preparing resources in the Term 3 break.

Thanks for subscribing!

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