SmarterMaths 2020 … an important “new syllabus” update

Thanks for choosing SmarterMaths!

We’ve been working hard for months now to increase and update our question databases for the new Adv, Ext1 and Ext2 courses.

Our priority, as always, is to provide the best possible question databases overlaid by a search engine that creates a new standard in useability.

Our HSC Teacher Edition program, by design, is very flexible and we are able to adjust or add to our question catalogue in real time. This is proving extremely useful as more “new syllabus” information is gradually becoming publicly available.

In the current brave new world of HSC mathematics, I thought the following program updates might be of interest:

General Program Updates

  • NEW CONTENT (All courses) – initial question databases around 90% complete and expected to be finished in the coming 3 weeks. These will be consistently updated and improved during the year with high quality cherry-picked questions.
  • Around 65% of old HSC questions remain examinable in the new courses. All relevant questions have been recategorised, with a non-trivial number of questions reallocated betweeen courses!
  • RAP data integration has been migrated into all new courses.
  • Our heavily used “Targeted Worksheets” and “Analysis” features will be gradually incorporated into all new course topics during term 4.

… and finally, for 2020 subscribers

  • In the coming weeks, schools will have the opportunity to use any remaining 2019 budget to resubscribe early for next year at 2019 pricing.
  • Schools can also commit to resubscribing next year at 2019 prices, but be invoiced at the start of 2020.

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