SmarterMaths 2020 HSC Revision Series and more …

There are 3 important announcements today.

  1. The SmarterMaths 2020 Revision Series is now available!
  2. Our HSC Minimum Standards program is on track to be released mid-Term 3
  3. A major new search feature will be implemented across all products in August (we think you’ll want to see this)

2020 HSC Revision Series

We realise there’s a lot of unrest out there for the class 2020 and wanted to deliver our Comprehension Revision Series early in Term 3 to provide a revision resource into the HSC exam that can be used as a coverage roadmap for some students.

This series is slightly longer than the 2019 version and provides students with around 10-12 hours of cherry-picked past exam questions by topic to ensure they cover a wide cross-section of the key areas we have identified.

We recommend motivated students aiming for a Band 5 or 6 result should attempt, carefully review and annotate what are extensive and challenging revision worksheets.

If you don’t currently subscribe to SmarterMaths, we have designated some of this revision resource for “Free Access” so you can see the quality for yourself … just click the link below:

HSC Minimum Standards

Many requests for this program have had us bunkered down to get it rolled out ASAP. The good news is that we’re on track and currently expect to deliver it around week 6 of this term.

An email that details the features of the program will be sent closer to the availability date for all schools interested. Watch this space.

Major New Search Feature

We have developed a powerful new search tool that allows you to target database questions in more granular detail.

Finding an exact past HSC question or filtering for a group of questions that test students on a specific concept is now incredibly easy, and quick!

One of the great surprises I found in developing this tool is the degree to which granular filtering can work as a powerful analysis tool. As with many features of our program, I will leave it to teachers to explore and exploit this to a much greater degree than I can currently image.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works.


Not a subscriber?

If you think it’s time that your staffroom enjoyed this amazing resource, there’s 3 great reasons why Term 3 is the best time for new subscribers to join:

  • HSC Bonus: Get 5 terms for the price of 4 and lock in 2020 prices (25% extra value).
  • Budget constraints? Get immediate access for all teachers and pay at the start of 2021.
  • The extra value extends your subscription over both the 2020 and 2021 HSC periods! This includes getting access to our hugely popular “HSC Revision Series” for your students for the next 2 HSC’s.

Purchasing SmarterMaths is great value for money at anytime, but purchasing as a new subscriber in Term 3 with our HSC bonus discount drives your precious budget dollars even further.

If you would like to take a closer look, register for a free trial, click here.

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