SmarterMaths 2020 – the must have tool for the new HSC syllabus

Two out of three schools in the top 100 performers in all HSC Mathematics courses subscribed to SmarterMaths in 2019 (Sydney Morning Herald, “HSC Honour Roll 2019”, 18 December 2019, pp.4-5).


2020 is a great year to get your school on board with SmartMaths.

Here’s why …

Our HSC Teacher Edition programs create an efficiency in high quality resource production that gives teachers more time to teach and innovate.

Critically in 2020, a SmarterMaths subscription helps teachers navigate the new syllabuses with confidence. Our HSC Teacher Edition program is very flexible by design and we are able to adjust or add to our question catalogue in real time as information becomes available.

New Subscriber Discounts

  • Get 25% more value! Pay for 4 terms and receive 5.
  • Available to all new subscribers.

Program Updates

  • NEW CONTENT – All HSC courses have seen their databases increased significantly during the break. Tens of hours of high quality questions have been added across all topics, including never before examined content.
  • With around 65% of old HSC questions still examinable, all relevant questions have been recategorised, with a significant number reallocated betweeen courses!
  • We address the recent “content creep” in the NESA Nov-19 syllabus changes. Our analyses will state if any changes are applicable for the 2020 HSC or only need to be applied to the class of 2021 onwards.
  • Our heavily used “Analysis” features have been fully updated in Std2 and Advanced, with Ext1 analyses currently rolling out.
  • Incorporate your school’s past HSC results (RAP data) into your program at no extra cost.

If you wish to take a closer look at no cost, simply click here.

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