SmarterMaths 2021 – first subscriber discounts

“I just wanted to say, your product is awesome.”
Ben Bridges, The King’s School


A true story. I was talking to a Head Maths Teacher this week who was checking his school’s subscription renewal date. When I told him that we would give him plenty of notice and opportunity to renew on time, he said “Great. If my teachers lost access because I missed it, they would riot!”

I took this as a real compliment. When maths faculties purchase our programs, they give their staff the gift of a very scarce commodity – extra time to teach.

The fact that speaks loudest about the effectiveness and value of our programs is a resubscription rate that’s above 97% (in 2021 to date, this is 100%). If you haven’t taken a look at what we offer, you can do it here.

2021 is a great year to get your school on board with SmartMaths.

Here’s why …

New Subscriber Discounts

  • Get 25% more value! Pay for 4 terms and receive 5.
  • Available to all new subscribers.
  • Further discounts apply to package purchases in HSC and Numeracy programs.

2021 Updates

  • HSC Courses: We begin the new year with all 2020 HSC exam questions, HSC Topic Analyses and Targeted Worksheets fully updated.
  • RAP Data integration scripts for 2020 results have been updated and you can incorporate your most recent results into your school’s program within 24 hours.
  • HSC Minimum Standards program is now available. You can check it out here. Significant discounts apply to our full Numeracy package that includes both HSC Minimum Standards and NAPLAN.
  • Our HSC question database has been given particular attention over the Summer break, particularly in the topic areas of the new syllabus with no exam history.
  • Our search engine sets a new standard and keeps improving. Subcategory filters (which I have found to provide serious insights into past HSC exam history) have been rolled out across all courses, including NAPLAN.

If you wish to take a closer look at no cost, simply click here.

Best regards,

SmarterMaths Team