SmarterMaths .. HSC “Final Stretch” revision hot off the press for Std2/Std1

The following releases are available today to all Silver subscribers:

  • Standard 1 Final Revision Series
  • Standard 2 “Final Stretch” Revision Series

Standard 1

A number of schools have requested a revision series for students sitting the Standard 1 HSC exam. In response, we have prepared around 6 hours of carefully selected past HSC and other revision questions that we recommend covering in any revision plan.

Standard 2

The 2020 Standard 2 HSC “Final Stretch” Revision Series is a more compact version (about one-third smaller) of our hugely popular SmarterMaths 2020 HSC Comprehensive Revision Series which was released early August.

This resource can be used by either “late” revision starters or as further revision for highly motivated students who have completed the Comprehensive Revision Series.

There are a number of questions that appear in both revision series, notwithstanding alternate “similar” questions are substituted whenever possible. The reason for this is as follows:

  • Many students will only complete one of the series and there are certain questions I think are too important not to cover (and hence appear in both).
  • We strongly subscribe to the view that completing past questions twice (or more) is the most effective way to develop speed through the exam.

You can access all revision resources here:

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