SmarterMaths – important Std2 and other updates

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Many teachers provide generous feedback on our website which is much appreciated. Our platform allows us to be extremely quick in improving, adjusting and correcting areas that are highlighted to us.

A few recent developments warrant mentioning ..


  • N3 Critical Paths: database continues to grow with almost 2 hours of questions now available in this area.
  • N3 Flow Networks and Minimum Cuts: significant increase in database. Targeted examples that require students to illustrate the flow capacity of a network.
  • M7 Rates and Ratios: supplementary database beefed up and topic area is now split into “Rates” and “Ratio and Scale”.

STANDARD 2 … “Combinations” within S2 Relative Frequency and Probability

  • We acknowledge this area has lost its specific syllabus dot points as previously existed in the Gen2 syllabus (p.96).
  • Notwithstanding the above, we see scope for this area in the broad language of certain dot points in the current syllabus.
  • Further, p.10 of the official topic guidance (albeit a secondary source) suggests explicit investigations of combinations in class work.
  • Finally, conceptual knowledge of combinations helps students interrogate arrays and certain tree diagram probability concepts in our view.
  • OUR STANCE – pure combinations questions will be represented in the database with a reduced emphasis.


We have fielded a significant number of requests to create an “Exam” template for schools that might want to create professional looking exams for mid-terms, trails etc…

We’re on it!

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