SmarterMaths Standard 2: 2019 Topic Analyses now updated


Due to popular demand, we have updated and incorporated the 2019 Standard 2 Topic Analyses early and they are now available for all Silver Edition subscribers.

A few points to note that may be of interest …

  • All analyses have incorporated the latest Nov-19 NESA Syllabus maintenance. The effect of these changes is further detailed in the analysis when necessary.
  • The question database has been adjusted to reflect these changes.
  • If there has been “content creep” in the syllabus changes, the analyses will also state if they are applicable for the 2020 HSC or only need to be applied to the class of 2021 onwards.

These analyses updates for Standard 2 will be followed by similar updates for the other HSC courses in the coming weeks.

Finally, if you have any 2019 budget left, prepaying some or all of your 2020 SmarterMaths subscription is simple – just let us know by replying to this email!

We wish your students success in their HSC results. Thank you for subscribing in 2019 and have a great Summer break.

SmarterMaths Team

N2 Networks: Basic Concepts – updated 2019 analysis

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