SmarterMaths – Term 2 updates


We salute you and all maths teachers! Thanks for teaching our kids in these difficult and challenging times.

On the SmarterMaths homefront, we’ve been very busy beefing up and improving our programs. A summary of some of the major changes that will be of interest to many of you are listed below.

HSC Teacher Edition

  • Targeted worksheets are now fully updated and integrated into the STD2 and ADV courses, with EXT1 to be rolled out over the next week.
  • Numerous question databases have been upgraded, including: STD2 – pareto charts, networks (all sub-topics), ADV – working with functions, probability density functions, EXT1 – parametric functions, polynomials, vectors, EXT2 – proof, vectors, recurrence relations.
  • ADV F1 Working With Functions has seen significant recategorisations to align the database more closely with the exact syllabus structure.


  • HSC Minimum Standards program is now well under development. We expect a release mid-Term 3.
  • Exam Builder – this is a feature that will enable teachers to build their own exams with the kind of time savings and professional quality that users have come to expect from SmarterMaths.

We are committed to the consistent improvement of our programs and we’ll be working especially hard in the current climate to deliver for you.

Thanks for subscribing.

SmarterMaths Team

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