SmarterMaths update … left over 2021 budget and numeracy


Thanks for subscribing and supporting our programs.

As Term 3 officially comes to a close, just a quick update in response to communications received from various schools in recent weeks.

Remaining Budget?

  • In early Term 4, we will send out a reminder to any schools who want to use any left over funds to renew their subscriptions early.
  • If you’re in a position to do this earlier than next term, just send us an email and we’ll do the paperwork.

Full Numeracy Package release

  • This is a quantum leap forward in our numeracy offering and will be launched in early Term 4.
  • SmarterMaths Numeracy will now cover all years.
  • This package will provide an affordable platform to pre-assess and monitor student achievement levels efficiently.
  • All current NAPLAN subscribers will receive a full upgrade at no extra cost until their existing subscription expires.
  • Details and pricing will be available for new subscribers in the coming weeks.