Some observations on the 2022 HSC Std2 exam


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A quick update that the 2022 Std2 HSC exam is now fully coded and uploaded into the SmarterMaths database. Std1, Advanced and Ext1/2 will follow in the next week or so.

In case it is of interest, a few things jumped out at me as I went through this exercise which are summarised below (these will be covered in more detail in topic analyses to be integrated into the SmarterMaths database later):

Wecome Back Old Friends

  • Perimeter, Area and Volume: with three allocated questions (one incorporating Trap Rule), this important topic area saw its largest allocation in years.
  • Water catchment saw its first question since 2016 and Q34 was a beauty on surface area.
  • 2-Triangle questions within Non-RAT: not examined for the last 3 years but returns with a substantial 4-mark allocation
  • P + I – R tables: Missing since 2017 and allocated a substantial 5 marks.
  • Comparison of Declining Balance and S/L Depreciation: not examined since 2013 and it’s back. This presented an exercise in reading the question closely as the S/L depreciation amount was given as a percentage which I suspect may have undone many students.
  • Capture / Recapture: asked in a MC question for the first time since 2016

Other observations

  • Normal Distribution: the subject of a common STD2/ADV question for the third time in 3 years! It is clear that a deep understanding of this topic area is required, as evidenced again by this year’s challenging question.
  • Bivariate Data Analysis: provided an interesting question this year in that it was very broad and allowed students to combine correlation analysis with gradient interpretation and model limitations. I thought this was an effective way to test this area and will add more similar questions to the database.
  • Ratio: proving to be a very fertile area for examiners in the new syllabus and attracted two separate questions in 2022.