Standard 2 – Teacher Series (Part 1): M1 Applications of Measurement

Navigating the New Syllabus

This email is the first in a new “Teacher Series” for the Standard 2 HSC course.

Our goal is to help you navigate the new syllabus changes, see exactly the changes we’ve made to the SmarterMaths program for the new syllabus, and how and where it can support you!

M1 Applications of Measurement

  • Measurement Error is more prominent within the new syllabus vs the Gen2 syllabus, and therefore warrants a greater focus in our view. Our questions and solutions have been adjusted to reflect the “simplified” new syllabus calculation of percentage error (as a positive number, not the previous ± expression).

  • Significant figures and scientific notation are both fair game (note the latter is referred to as “standard form” in the new syllabus which is elaborated on to cover scientific notation in supporting documents). A good history of HSC past questions remain relevant here.

  • Trapezoidal Rule: Past HSC exam questions, where applicable, have been rewritten to change Simpson’s Rule into Trapezoidal Rule requirements and retain these high quality revision questions (note that students have had serious problems with the follow-on questions in this area and adjusting the questions to the new syllabus is regarded as a priority for our program).

  • Energy and Mass: The syllabus documents provide excellent direction for question content and style in the new topic areas. This has been reflected in the supplementary questions written to beef up this deficit area.

(see below for an example of SmarterMaths’ Topic Analyses in the new syllabus that can be incorporated into worksheets at a click)

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