VCE SmarterMaths 2021 – first subscriber discounts

“I just wanted to say, your product is awesome.”
Ben Bridges, The King’s School


A true story. I was talking to a Head Maths Teacher this week who was checking his school’s subscription renewal date. When I told him that we would give him plenty of notice and opportunity to renew on time, he said “Great. If my teachers lost access because I missed it, they would riot!”

I took this as a real compliment. When maths faculties purchase our programs, they give their staff the gift of a very scarce commodity in today’s schools – extra time to teach.

The fact that speaks loudest about the effectiveness and value of our programs is a resubscription rate that’s above 97% (in 2021 to date, this is 100%). If you haven’t taken a look at what we offer, you can do it here.

2021 is a great year to get your school on board with SmartMaths.

Here’s why …

New Subscriber Discounts

  • Get 25% more value! Pay for 4 terms and receive 5.
  • Available to all new subscribers.
  • Further discounts apply to package purchases in our Numeracy (NAPLAN) program.

2021 Program Developments

  • VCE Courses: All 2020 VCE exams to be added in the first half of Term 1.
  • Teacher feedback has consistently asked for the development of a supplementary “exam quality” question database. These questions will be gradually incorporated into the database during Term 1.
  • Our search engine sets a new standard and keeps improving. Subcategory filters (which I have found to provide serious insights into past HSC exam history) have been rolled out across Further Maths and will be added to Methods and Specialist during Term 2.

If you wish to take a closer look at no cost, simply click here.

Best regards,

SmarterMaths Team