VCE SmarterMaths – subscriber update

“I just wanted to say, your product is awesome.”
Ben Bridges, The King’s School


Thanks for subscribing to SmarterMaths.

You may have noticed some changes in the program recently.

We’ve been working hard to make our VCE search engine quicker and more powerful.

More topic splits, more questions (including the 2020 VCE exams), enhanced layout and the rollout of sub-category searches are all now available.

Find the most specific questions in literally seconds and create professional quality resources in a fraction of the usual time.

If you haven’t seen the sub-category filters yet, the screenshot below will give you an idea of this new feature, which doubles as a powerful analysis tool for looking at how often specific questions appear in the final exams.

Sub-category filters screenshot

If you want more information on the new sub-categories, this short video is worth a look.

We love feedback and will continue working hard to implement the best teacher ideas into the program!


SmarterMaths Team